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About Plains Cover Crop

Plains Cover Crop was founded by Bodie and Cody, both of which have been involved in agriculture with years of combined experience in agronomy and the seed industry. Out of a pure passion for people and agriculture, Plains Cover Crop was formed. Our goals, ambitions and inspirations have come together to form a truly unique company that all of us are proud to be a part of. Get in touch to learn more about Plains Cover Crop, and how we’ve been loyally serving our customers since 2018.

Our Services

Plains Cover Crop is committed to providing creative and personal solutions for every customer. We know that each customer is different, which is why all of our services can be easily customized to you. Learn more about what we have to offer below and give us a call if you have any questions, or if you’d like to meet with one of our team members.

Farm Specific Consulting

Custom Blends

Food Plot Seed

CRP Mixes

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